68% of adults want to learn something new this summer, survey finds!

68% of adults are interested in learning something new this summer, according to new research by CourseDeals.com and leading edtech firm, e-Careers Limited.


Of the 1,339 participants who took part in the study, a massive 70% advised that they had not purchased a course online before, but that e-learning would be their chosen educational resource – with only 8.5% advising they would be interested in classroom based learning.


When dividing the results by age demographic, CourseDeals.com found that 35-44 year olds were most interested in learning something new during the summer break – with the most popular educational opportunities being ‘Language and Music’ (24%) followed by  ‘Career enhancing’ courses (22%).




The study also found:

  • 52% of participants wouldn’t restrict self-education by budget, where as 27% people advised they would only spend between £7and £15 on a new learning opportunities.
  • 36% of participants advised they would shop around for new training courses, where as 20% of participants did not even realise that this was a possibility – and would settle for the cost of the first relevant course they found.
  • 43% of participants advised they wouldn’t restrict their daily learning time, whereas 35% of participants advised they would only dedicate a maximum of 30 minutes per day to a new course.
  • Despite being closest to school leaving age and likely to include participants studying at University, a massive 47% of 18-24 year olds advised that online courses would be their preferable method of learning – with only 8% advising they would prefer classroom based learning.

Marsha Sequeira, Director of Business Development at CourseDeals.com, said: “This new study commissioned by CourseDeals.com and e-Careers clearly highlights that there is a real interest in continuous learning and education across a broad range of age groups – whether used to enhance career opportunities or to develop a new life skill.”

Interestingly, the survey results come just one year after the British Council reported that continuous education has been proven to increase life satisfaction and mental well-being, whilst decreasing the risk of illnesses such as dementia.

Jazz Gandhum, Managing Director of e-Careers, said: “Thanks to developments in technology, continuous learning has never been so simpler and less time consuming – as individuals can now access a vast range of affordable and accredited e-learning courses directly from their smart phone or other mobile devices.”

CourseDeals.com was launched by e-Careers Limited in spring 2016 to provide learners with a vast range of accessible e-learning courses at an extremely affordable cost.