How to Make Your Own Luck

A question to ponder upon “What is luck?”

From finding a dollar bill on the floor to starting a successful business, different people look at luck differently.

A common disbelief is that luck is difficult to define or understand. The truth is anyone can make their own luck and take control of their life’s path. All you should do is seize every opportunity that comes your way, by being in the right situation and successfully accomplishing your goals.


Be optimistic

Remember the proverb “When life throws lemons, make lemonade”? That’s what being optimistic is, to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Instead of thinking of why you are facing these situations, think of ways you could turn them around.

Various studies show that people who are optimistic tend to be more successful thus falling in the category of “the lucky ones”. Lucky people have a different approach to life, they tend to focus on the good and the new things that might cross them every day.

So, your first action to create your own luck is to be optimistic about everything.


Set high aspirations and be ready for randomness too




Create your own luck by setting goals that you think are not attainable and then working hard to achieve them. By doing so you will open new doors of opportunity and some that you never imagined. Make the most of these opportunities and you have just made your own luck.


Always aim for more

To create your own luck, you need to understand that there is no finale to your goals, once achieve you can’t just stop there. You must learn more and want more to continue being successful. Understanding that there is no finish and always aspire for more this will bring you a lot of luck.


Get out, Get Social

Expand your professional and social network, get yourself out there and get noticed. The more people you know the more connections they bring in and of course more connections will increase your chances of stumbling on more opportunities. However, please remember to keep in touch with all your contacts be they old or new.


Share your luck

Successful or lucky people are the ones that share their knowledge and understanding with everyone. Sharing is good karma, do good and the good will come to you. The plus side to sharing is that it reminds you of how lucky you already are.


Be aware and prepared

You don’t just stumble upon luck, nor does it randomly befall. To make your own luck you need to understand and be aware of your surroundings and circumstances. You can spot luck anywhere, so let yourself see the opportunities and always be prepared to accept it. By listening to your intuition, you will push yourself out of set boundaries and realize your potential. Listen to yourself, make the most of your favorable situations.


Failure is a stepping stone to success

You can’t always be lucky, you will hit roadblocks and sometimes you might fail. Don’t worry too much because failure happens, it’s an inevitable part of life. Just accept the fact that you can’t always be lucky and never let negativity get the best of you, get up and try again.


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