The Secrets to Achieving Your Life Goals

Make your SMART goals SMARTER and you can achieve anything!

We all share a common goal in our lives, all of us have a passion to thrive and achieve something in our lives. Bottom line, we all have goals in our lives no matter how small or great they are, at some point in our lives we yearn for growth and change.

Goals aren’t mere survival tactics, they are a part of our culture and make us who we are. We as human beings have not just survived we have achieved so much. This success comes from accomplished goals of different human beings, the creative innovations that bring the unimaginable into our reality.

Evidence of goal accomplishments are all around us, from technology to the science and medicine we all use. All over the globe, we have achieved such tremendous goals in our culture and race. However, when it boils down to personal goals, we face difficulties to achieve them.

Most definitely life goals are not an easy task. But we tend to mix up our goals while trying to run in our large rat race to achieve more and better than what we currently have. To want more is woven in our core and this constant search for something better, is what frustrates us while we try to reach our target. Failure to achieve our goals and the fear of constant scrutiny is what makes it hard to achieve our goals.

Goal setting is simple, if you know the right way to do it. If you are setting goals the right way and not achieving them, then your approach towards them must be wrong. To accomplish you goals you need to set them the right way, then move on to planning and executing related actions that are aligned to your goals.

We all consider a New Year to be a good time to reinvent ourselves. Millions of us make New Year Resolutions every year these are goals too, aren’t they? Yet, a study by the University of Scranton suggests that only 8% of people successfully achieve their goals.

The reason why 92% fail to keep their resolutions or goals is because they are set arbitrarily. Your goals cannot be abstract! An abstract goal will never materialize, because they need to be planned and articulated the right way.

Here is the Secret!

Any goal can be achieved by following this 7-step proven system. S.M.A.R.T.E.R goal setting system, an acronym that will allow you to tackle your goals more efficiently.

S.M.A.R.T.E.R takes George T. Doran’s 1981 publication of S.M.A.R.T goal setting 2 steps further, making you evaluate and revise your approach.

It’s a 7-step system because it has 7 letters, S.M.A.R.T.E.R Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Time Bound, Evaluate and Readjust.

STEP 1: “S” Specific

The first and most important step in this system is to get highly specific about your goal. Your goal must be measurable instead of vague. Simple and common example of an unspecific goal: “I want to earn more money.”

You can make this goal specific by adding the 4 W’s to your goal, Who, What, Where, When. Once your goal sentence has a good count of the W’s you have set your goal right.

Here is an example of a Specific goal:

“By the end of 2017, I am going to earn GBP 100,000 a year as the Director of Marketing in the UK.”

The first part of this sentence answers the question WHEN, following the WHO WHAT and WHERE respectively in the sentence.

A specific goal is clear and quantifies your goal, thus enabling your mind to connect with it deeply. Specifics are the fuel to your goal, so go ahead add as many specifics as you need when you pen down your goals.

 STEP 2: “M” Meaningful

It’s not just about being specific with your goals, step 2 in achieving your goals is making them meaningful. If a goal is deep-rooted to us, then we will strive to do more to achieve it rather than something that serves a generic purpose. So, if you want to earn that GBP 100,000 for the sheer status it affords, then you can forget about your chances to succeed.

Goals can’t just be achieved because you just wanted them. Goals like losing weight or making more money cannot be achieved just because you want to. You need to understand WHY you want to.

The answer to the question “why” will help you get a deeper meaning to your set goal. We all go out of our way to do things when they are deeply meaningful to us. A few examples of meaningful reasons, or the things that are very meaningful to us love, family, security and health. Even though we might hit road blocks, we don’t just throw in the towel and give up, because the reason to achieve task for stated reason are deep-rooted in us.

Dig deep and note your association with the goals you are setting. Your goal must relate to something profound, it must be important enough for you to sacrifice everything. Once you figure this out, make a note of it and pen it. This is one of the most important steps in the 7-step process.

STEP 3: “A” Achievable

This simply means pick goals that are big but not impossible. A long-term goal, a goal set over Ten years can be achieved if we work hard and smart the entire period. Shorter term goals say 1 or 2 years, need to be set so they are achievable. For Example, you can’t earn a million in 12 months if your currently in massive debt. Picking achievable goals makes it more likely to attain results and enables you to gain momentum. Plan your long-term goals in a manner that create benchmarks towards achieving them over time. Creating a detailed action plan will help you through.

STEP 4: “R” Relevant

From the way, we express ourselves to the goals we set in life, everything is a direct result of our value and belief system

Goals must be relevant to your life and future, they should encompass who you are and your belief system. Doing this will ensure a smother sail towards goal achievement. If our goals are against our belief system, they will get difficult to work towards.

Setting life goals is easy, all you need to do is take time and note your values and beliefs. Once you understand this, you can move on to set goals that are fluid and in concordance with you.

STEP 5: “T” Time-bound

Once you get Step 1-4 together and are serious about it, walk over to your calendar and pick a date.

Remember the example from Step 1?

“By the end of 2017, I am going to earn GBP 100,000 a year as the Director of Marketing in the UK.

The example is specific alright, but not good enough to track your progress. So, let’s set the date right…

“By 28th December 2017, I am going to earn GBP 100,000 a year as the Director of Marketing in the UK.

This will now give you a breakdown per month, per week and per day. You can now set reminders, analyze your progress and the measures you incorporate to achieve your goal. Now things will be more realistic and achievable.

STEP 6: “E” Evaluate

We have established that once time-bound goals become easier to track, thus enabling us to evaluate our progress. Track your goals EVERYDAY! This is the key to thorough evaluation which leads you to follow through your action plans.

An action plan will set the order of steps that you need to follow to achieve your goals and tracking them will give you better prospective. If you fail to track your progress daily, you will never fail or go off track.

STEP 7: “R” Re-adjust

Your daily tracking may bring to attention that your actions are not meeting the path of your goals, instead you are moving away. Don’t get disappointed, just Re-adjust your action plan or approach.

A ship on its way to Iceland must minutely readjust its course if there is an iceberg in its set path to avoid collision and keep its journey onwards and timely. Similarly, our goals are like the ship, to reach our destination we need to first know where we are headed and what time we need to get there. Once you are certain of it you just plan your way and keep adapting our action plans to ensure we achieve our expected outcome over time.

All of this sounds easy, but implementation is where we bite the bullet.

Your goals are a commitment you make to yourself. Once you commit, the next is discipline and this 7 Step process to see you through.

To make this process easier implement it in your daily routine, set goals every morning and see them through this can help you tackle the bigger goals with ease.